Am I the Tree of Life?

Are the similarities between our lungs and  trees enough to make you wonder of our existence? Not only do they resemble each other but in fact need each other.  A tree expels oxygen to which our lungs breath in similarly  we expel carbon dioxide to which a tree needs. To breathe with no one to thank but our trees is something we can’t take for granted.

Our planet of trees, a wonderful renewable resource works around the clock to serve us all. Paradoxically, our lungs work tirelessly serving our bodies and the trees.

Just as a tree dies , the wilting leaves penetrate the earth thus recreating itself all over again. As we die our bodies incidentally return to the earth and become one with the trees.

Your next walk in nature take a gander at the trees and just notice how more connected you will be , still and present.

One of the most magical forests on earth is the beautiful  Cathedral Grove  in British Columbia, Canada.  Walking through this enchanted forest brings an awe-inspiring wondrous feeling. The forest trees some of which are 800 years old hold their ground as earths giants and reign over the family of forests surrounding them. Deep respect is one of the many emotions felt by visitors who walk through this green paradise.

So as you breath through life, know that your every  breath is part of  our ecosystem. As a result, your past feeling of separateness is now dissolved with oneness and your every breath brings more meaning into your life.

Am I the Tree of Life?

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