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Finding inspiration with Brianne through Yoga, Meditation and  Body/Mind awareness.

Thought Provoking Interview with Brianne..

Terilyn:  How did you become interested in the practice of Yoga and how has it changed your life thus far?


A daily practice of yoga and meditation (meditation is the foundation of yoga J) has profoundly affected the way in which I greet life. This practice is extremely grounding and allows me to connect to a place of deeper awareness. Through yoga asana, I am able to deeply witness what arises in my physical and mental-emotional state when moving through postures with the rhythm of the breath. The awareness that can be cultivated through yoga can be likened to how I may meet change in my life, and thus I am able to make decisions from a place of mindfulness amidst the inevitable chaos in the world.

 My dear girlfriend Julia and I decided to try out a “cool new yoga studio” when I was 18-years-old (10 years ago), simply for the sake of trying something new. My first class piqued my curiosity regarding what this trendy yoga business was all about. At 18 I was playing competitive soccer and was exploring university varsity soccer programs. During this time, I was interested in enhancing my performance through improving my physical strength, mobility and flexibility through yoga. So, initially I began practicing yoga for physical reasons only, like many people in the Western World, “to obtain something”. I was astonished as I began to discover deeper parts of my Self through my breath and the physical practice. My initial interest in yoga led me to discovering many variations of yoga and inspired me to delve into practicing meditation on a daily basis.

Yoga was the gateway of a deep, inward journey where I began to shed the many layers of my ego, dissolve self-limiting beliefs, and begin a journey of unlearning to understand who I truly was, and Am. Yoga/Meditation truly helped me to understand that who I am at my core is not my mind, or my ego. I also came to realize that by identifying with my mind for most of my life, I had created a great deal of unnecessary suffering for myself, and even for others at times. Coming to this realization through yoga, along with travelling the world, reading the various texts of numerous spiritual teachers, gaining wisdom from healers from all over the globe, the use of plant medicine in addition to a near-death experience, I was guided back towards the magical wisdom that we are, but often fail to acknowledge.

This practice also brings much peace and clarity to my being, and allows me to live a life with much more ease and grace, and in turn I am able to share this gift with others.


Terilyn:  What is your biggest hope and mission per say in your yoga teachings?


There are many characteristics of yoga that drive me to share this practice. However, I would say the one aspect that encompasses them all is that I simply give a supportive experience for each individual I teach so that they are able to explore the many facets of their being in whatever way they wish. If they are curious, they may be able to come into, or scratch the surface of that place of knowing that they are not their mind/ego but the awareness, the watcher, the witness behind their physical yoga practice, and their thoughts and resulting emotions.  By doing so, they are able to come into a more peaceful existence, and connect deeper to their Self, to Source, to Spirit, to their Truth. I also strive to teach that we are all awareness at our inner being, and that in this way we are all interconnected, and ultimately One, and that we can truly know ourselves in another, in all beings, in all “things”.

I hope to inspire others to dissolve the insanity of the mind, to reconnect with their true Self and to examine how compulsive thinking is truly the most debilitating illness of mankind. The world is in need of tremendous healing right now, and this healing can only begin at the level of the self. 

On a lighter note, it is also my mission to share the perspective that we can live in a state where we allow things to unfold naturally instead of forcing life to happen- in work, in relationships and in love, as allowing is where all the magic happens!

 Terilyn:  If you could create a magic recipe for nourishing the body and mind, what would it look like? 


Oh boy the possibilities! I could go on and on here, but I believe this simply depends on the person. I will provide my personal recipe, as I think that it would be extremely revitalizing for many people.


  • A daily yoga practice, to prepare the body for meditation.
  • A diet that has a high nutrient/calorie ratio that is (mostly) vegan, full of fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemented with the requirements of the individual, whether this be nuts and seeds, grass-fed meat, fish, or additional vitamins and minerals, etc.
  • Body/Energy Work: Acupuncture, Manual Therapy, Reiki, Sound Therapy.
  • Time spent in nature, connecting to the elements, and SUNSHINE!
  • Tons of laughter and plenty of time to be silly.
  • Connection with community and friends/family that uplifts and support the Spirit.
  • Self-inquiry, and a ton of self-love and acceptance.
  • Making decisions out of Love instead of Fear.
  • Water, water, and more water.
  • Positive self-talk.
  • Animals, lots of animals around.
  • The knowingness that you can self-heal.
  • A bubbly pop, or two!
  • Many romantic dates with oneself.
  • Plant medicine, as needed.
  • The acceptance of, “what is”, fully and completely.
  • Forgiveness, of ourselves, of others.
  • No expectations, or attachments to outcome.
  • Avoidance of the use of the phrases “what if” or “should”.
  • Creating: Music, art, drumming, etc.
  • The occasional Temezcal/Sweat Lodge.
  • Fun and adventure/travel! LAUGHING!
  • The understanding that we don’t know what it is that we don’t know.
  • Topped off with a gratitude journal.

Just a couple of ingredients, eh?


Terilyn: Do you have any favorite books that you would recommend to warm the soul?


Time and time again, I come back to recommending Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” followed by “A New Earth”. I also began reading these books at 18, and have continued to read them intermittently, every year. 

I just read a book called Meditation- Now or Never by Steve Hagen.  I randomly picked this book off of the shelf at the retreat center I currently work at. This book is awesome! It provided me with greater insight into the practice of meditation and inspired me to become more mindful when performing everyday tasks. 

Terilyn: Many people often say they don’t know their true calling. Do you think Yoga and Meditation play a part in bringing clarity to this cause? 



I have always known that I have wanted to facilitate healing in some form here on Earth. When I was younger and attending grade school and even during university, I thought “my place” would be somewhere within the medical field/system, even though at my core this did not truly resonate with me.  I knew that “my way” would alter from this path, but I was unsure of how to balance my mind and my heart in this regard.

Yoga/Meditation played a massive role in confirming that facilitating healing was indeed “my true calling”, but not through the way I once thought. Everyday I gain more confidence that I am on the path that best fuels my soul, and allows me to use my knowledge and gifts for the betterment of my fellow human beings. At the present time, I work in Mexico and use the scientific/evidence-based modalities that I obtained when becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic in the Western World, with those healing methods that are more ancient and inborn in nature such as energy work and intuitive healing, as well as teaching yoga and meditation among many others. Ultimately however, Yoga/Meditation has allowed me to gain clarity in the sense that my passion as a healer is to guide others into knowing and understanding their innate ability to self-heal.



Thank you Brianne!  and see you on the YOGA MAT!





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