Comfort and Joy at Christmas Time…


Two of the most important things to have during the Holiday Season is to feel comfort and joy. We find ourselves thinking of others this time of year in hopes they too are feeling the Christmas Spirit.

How can we bring comfort to others during the Christmas Season?

The best way to bring comfort to others and even yourself is to always give away what you want for yourself. This is the surest way to find the true meaning of Christmas.  Look within and think of how you can bring someone comfort during this Holiday Season.

Do you knit? Conjure up a pair of mittens and give to someone who may need warmth.


Are you a great cook?  Create a soup jar or crock pot dinner for someone who might need a little comfort. 

Do you have some extra money?  Donate to a cause of your choice or help someone in need.


There is no other feeling that feeds the soul more than to be comforted by another human being. We can do this by just starting with a hug, and a smile.  There are countless ways to show we care for one another. Pour an egg nog, crackle the fireplace up and ponder on your thoughts of goodwill and see who comes to mind for your gift giving this year.

How can we bring Joy to others?

The easiest way to bring happiness to others is to be joyful.  We have all met the whiners and pessimists during the holiday season.  All we can do is add a little sugar to their salt!  

Some simple ideas for easy gift giving :

Christmas time is your chance to sprinkle some of your sugar-plum presence all over! In addition, a few little presents wouldn’t hurt as well. 


It’s the reason behind the season that makes it so Merry, Bright and Joyful.  How can you pass on a blessing to another?

Comfort and Joy

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