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Dreaming is one of my favorite  hobbies. I say hobby because I do it often and enjoy being in another state of wonder as much as possible.  Dreaming is what breathes life into all the things we yearn for. Dreaming doesn’t cost anything and it’s relaxing. If you dream often enough, you’ll find yourself becoming a focused dreamer. Your pictures in your mind become more vibrant and feel more real than ever.

I used to feel guilty for dreaming as I felt it was a time waster. On the contrary, dreaming in itself serves as a compass to where your life is unfolding. I use my dreams as a blueprint for building the very life I want to live. 

Next time you find yourself day dreaming, take note of all the wild and crazy ideas that arise. Don’t take yourself too seriously, but tuck away the ideas that make you feel great. Write them down and keep them alive in your journal. 



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3 Dream Catchers worth trying,

Don’t wish for anything, just Dream it! Over and over and over. Write it, draw it, visualize it. Children are experts at this. Try and visit your inner child and release the magic!

No rules to play by, just go with it and enjoy the dream your mind plays out for you. Dreams love no inhibitions.

Wake up with your dream thoughts and fall asleep with your dream thoughts.  Your subconscious loves conditioning and will support you to where you need to go.


Look around and see all the dreamers in this worldFrom Walt Disney to Steve Jobs. Everyone holds a dream of some sort. As much as you might think it’s a crazy pipe dream, it might very well be your life dream…

Are you a dreamer?


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