I FOUND my Best Friend…

Having a really good friend by your side is one of life’s precious jewels. Who wouldn’t love a friend who is funny, loyal, trustworthy and kind. It’s mind-boggling to think of how many friends have touched our lives from the minute we were born and only a select few have made imprints on our hearts.

Each year we grow and evolve , friends come and go like the seasons of the year.  Our friendships that we meet give us a very interesting truth of who we really are. Furthermore, making friendships help us mold our way to our higher self.

The good friendships will enhance you, lift you up and bring you peace. You will know when you’re in good company when you’re in the flow of conversation, and your lost in time. You feel lucky to have friendships that sooth your soul.


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Some friendships will make you crazy. For instance, some friends will suffocate you, and some will even try to change you.  Also, if you’re in a friendship right now that does not serve you in an emotional healthy way, it’s time to gently keep your friend at arm’s length so you can recharge and re-evaluate.  In short, know that your vibrational  frequencies do not mesh at this time.

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When we are not with our friends, we find ourselves alone with our thoughts of our friends hence this is where we seek knowledge of our growth. Friendships come to us as teachers . Good or bad , either way we learn and evolve. 

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It’s only when we look in the mirror that we see our  Truest Best Friend. The friend you see in the mirror has always told you the truth whether you’ve seen it or not. Your awareness of self is always waiting for your recognition.  All things considered, to have the most wonderful friendships in this lifetime, you must first become Best friends with yourself. I’m thankful for mirrors.  They sure tell you a lot!

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I FOUND my Best Friend……

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