Hello friend, I’m thinking of you….

Have you ever found yourself , sitting on a subway, or waiting in a doctor’s office with your mind drifting into a trance whereby a friend from your past pops into your mind? Specifically a friend who made you smile and who filled your heart with memories of  laughter and good times? You quickly entertain the idea of calling them, but Mr. Procrastination creeps in and steals all your time away. Consequently, the thought of writing that letter, or making that phone call never happens.It’s a great feeling to actually take the first step and put time aside for that very special somebody. Pick a day this week and just do it!  You’ll be happy you did. 

photo-1473181488821-2d23949a045aPhoto by: https://unsplash.com/@readysetfreddy

Would you consider your friend, your ” rock”, someone who anchored you in life? Where did you have the most fun? On a beach, lake, or your old neighborhood?  Go find a rock from that very place and add some trinkets. Send it along with your letter.



Tell them how much they meant to you, even after all these years gone by. Surprisingly, you may find they were also thinking of you too!  With all the social media around us today, it’s so meaningful to receive a piece of mail with a token of love. 

 Send them a crystal heart for their window as a memento of your friendship. Or some beach glass from your favorite beach. 


As a result, you will find your life filled with no regrets. Get in touch with the special people in your life from days gone by, ultimately you will feel amazing and who knows, you might even re-kindle another beautiful memory. With the launch of Facebook, it’s amazing how we can find our childhood friends and relatives. How lucky we are!


How do you connect with long-lost friends?



Hello Friend, I’m thinking of you…..

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