To be inspired, is  to find yourself  in spirit. You are the motivator, the enthusiast, and the creator of your thoughts. You may find inspiration at art galleries, concerts, or even through other people. You may experience the feeling of euphoria when you attend a hockey game or walk through nature or when playing a musical instrument. This is when inspiration is working through you.

Inspiration can also be found through quieting the mind. Your mind at the deepest level is similar to the depths of an ocean floor. There is no text-book way to meditate but rather a personal experience in which you bring your breath and mind together in silence. By doing so, you will catapult yourself into a different dimension where life’s mystery awaits you. 

Let Inspiration Win

You will find yourself ambushed with thoughts when you try your first time. Perhaps it’s  because we find ourselves thinking all day long, everyday. Don’t give up and try to stay true to your intention of mind over matter. You are not your mind but the awareness that your mind can take you far beyond your wildest dreams.  

Inspired Results

After practicing for a while you will notice a change in yourself. People will show up in your life and circumstances change to your benefit! In addition, you feel more energetic and inspired.  You become intuitive, creative and more compassionate. I would say meditation is a vitamin for your spirit self. 


3 Ways to Tap into your Greatness:

  • Find a space in your home where you can find peace and comfort.
  • Make your practice a daily ritual and try to meditate the same time each day. I like early mornings myself.
  • Walk in Nature as much as you can.


Where do you find your INSPIRATION?


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