A Fancy car? or Peace of Mind?

Save yourself from chasing after what the neighbor, Mr Jones’ has. If you find yourself wishing for the bigger house, bigger boat, better car you will never be satisfied. Are you waking up each day unsatisfied with what you don’t have and not appreciating what you do have? 

Yes I agree, these things would be enjoyable, BUT at what cost? If you have it all, Great! but it’s not necessary to chase the almighty dollar all day long. If you drive an old car and it works and you like it, that’s all that matters. If you feel like a million bucks in your car, that’s all that matters. The value you put on your things is the value of your things.  

Let me illustrate:


Photo taken by: Mick Tinbergen , http://www,unsplash.com

This car is easily getting Ms Barker to her destination. It’s paid for, and well maintained. Ms Barker didn’t sign any paper telling her to buy now, pay later.  She saved her money, by making meals at home, cutting her families hair, cleaning her own home. Ms Barker was a joyful lady. In her mind she drove the nicest Cadillac in the world!


Photo taken by: Andrew Pons ,http://www,unsplash.com

Mr Jones who was Ms Barker’s neighbor drove this car. Mr Jones worked 2 jobs and seemed very cranky. Along with his car came a fancy home .  The home was empty most of the time as Mr Jones was away working to pay for it all. The only person that came to the house was the maid once a week. Mr Jones ate out for the most part and signed a 5 year loan to get the car!

Okay, let’s put this into perspective by looking at three important tips:

  • It’s not what you have but what you do in this world that is most important.

  • Be true to yourself and be proud of what you have, feel the gold in your bronze.

  • You came as dust and will return as dust, don’t let this world eat you alive!

Keeping up with Mr. Jones

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