There are very few places on earth to where all the elements of oneness come together.  I was fortunate enough to visit a storybook yoga retreat set among palms and thatched roofs. This intimate land of love hugs the skyline along the Troncones Beach in Mexico.  A place where tranquil waters and sun-kissed air awakens your soul and heightens your senses.


The buzzing of a blender nudged me closer to the front of the resort. There I found a smoothie bar overlooking the sparkling ocean. The brilliant orange sun warmed my shoulders as I gazed in awe at the myriad of smoothie choices! They all sounded delectable, like Goddess and Zen.  The Happy Hour between 4 – 6 daily was a beautiful way to engage their guests with gratitude for our presence of visiting there. 

The energy of the sun and breeze meeting the yoga mats at dusk was like breathing in a taste of heaven for the first time.  Sitting softly , centered among other beings with sounds of birds passing by and waves lapping in the distance brought the heart to a glowing mass of gratitude.

If you are contemplating a trip for self-development or to get close with nature and soften your mind, bring yourself to be Present, and in the Moment at this Retreat.  A gentle whisper is heard throughout the retreat of kindness, compassion, oneness, and adventure.  Nature will surely sing its song to you in more ways than one within this hideaway.



Know thyself at Present Moment Retreat

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