Daily Life can sometimes be overwhelming. “6” easy steps in getting back to Balance.


  •  We are all trying to simplify our schedules, or to get more rest.  You must take the time to really sit down and look at your time vacuum.  Is much of your time being used up with things that really don’t serve you . Be aware of your time spent during the day.

  • At the end of your day, make a list of all the things you did.  At the end of the week, gather your notes.  After trying this myself I noticed I went to the grocery store way too often during the week! I added up 4 hours in which I could use doing my yoga or baking. We are all fabulous works in progress and always looking for More Time!

  • Now that you have a template, plug-in 2 or 3 things you have put off and schedule them into your week. Perhaps it’s to become healthier by walking or running , spending  time organizing crock pot meals for the week, or working towards a new career by reaching out to resources through the internet, or library. 

  • Great! The week looks different and now it’s time to stick to your schedule and make it a habit. As you become true to yourself your world will take a different shape and you become what your thinking and planning. Tiny little steps often bring big strides later on.  Your friends will wonder how you do it all. It’s organizational skills at it’s best.

  • In addition to a Balanced Diet, make a promise to yourself  to have a Great Day when you wake!

  • Finally, Gift yourself with an afternoon of “you time. ” Put everything else aside and take time to read, relax, walk through nature, meditate, draw, cook or whatever your heart desires. Your body and mind need free play in order for you to act at a healthy level.  Put on repeat and you will find a brand new you in 6 months!


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