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Otherwise known as the power points located along the spine that hold the energy force of your nature. Investigating the science behind chakras is inviting and thought-provoking. There are seven chakras that act as energy systems within the physical body that connect body and mind. However research has indicated that many more chakras are known to be present.

It’s interesting to discover your body as an energy capsule, illuminating patterns of thought, feelings, beliefs, desires, and personality. How it all works together and creates the form of your life that which you experience every day. Getting to know your chakras will enhance your understanding of why situations of bliss, health, disease, depression, etc, show up in your life.

The Chakras from the Base of your Spine to the top of your Head are as follows:

ROOT ( RED)  Your Survival and Security Center

SACRAL ( ORANGE) Your Emotional/ Sexuality Center

SOLAR ( YELLOW) Your Self Esteem and Personal Power

HEART (GREEN) Your Love Center and Relationships

THROAT (BLUE) Your Self Expression

THIRD EYE (INDIGO) Your Wisdom Center

CROWN (DIAMOND WHITE)  Your Spirit Center


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One of my most recent reads is by: Caroline Myss, Ph.D  (Anatomy of the Spirit).  I enjoyed the book so much I read it in less than a week.  


This book expands your thinking into another dimension whereby you question your choices each and every moment. Consequently learning  new ways of communicating within your own energy fields. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is willing to open their minds to healing past wounds, and finding well-being. 

The study of the Chakras is a journey of self-exploration.  You might be surprised how more enlightened you’ll be after reading about your energy centers!


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Living from the Chakras

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