Mother Nature looked down upon Mother Tree and noticed that she was standing tall and proud of all her branches. However, droplets of water were seeping from her tiniest of branches which concerned Mother Nature.

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Mother Tree was unsure on how to teach little branch to sustain itself and thrive like the other branches. Everyday she crackled her bark and opened herself up towards the vast blue sky.  She surrendered to her deepest knowing of Mother Nature. 

As she leveled out her leaves to receive the sun’s nutrients, the vitamin enriched rays ran through every leaf.

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Mother Tree also knew that she could not live with sun alone so she whistled her leaves to call for rain. As the weather turned she swayed from side to side. Her roots clenched and delved deeper into the ground so  she could sustain little branch from breaking.

Mother Tree could feel  pure love fulfilling her. The fresh rain quenched her thirst in body and spirit. Little branch quivered with cold but was perfectly safe within the canopy of branches.  

As a result, Mother Tree became filled with inspiration and gratitude. She then rustled her leaves to the sweetest sounding birds to sit among her . Little branch showed great strength and it’s little vibrant leaves danced in the sun to the melodic sound of birds chirping.

A small brown bird perches on a moss covered branch among some new spring tree leaves.

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An Owl swooped in for a visit and gave little branch a challenge in holding her weight. Mother Tree smiled with delight. 


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Mother Tree gave thanks to her inner source to which she’d known was always there though untouched until little branch was born. 

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Some years later, little branch showed solidity and joy in holding on to a young girl in a swing with the support of Mother Tree. The brilliant sun smiled down upon Mother Tree and little branch as it basked in the glory of purposeful living. 



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It’s a Mothers Nature to Nurture……

Dedicated to all parents raising children with special needs and to encourage the seeking out of  friends, community and faith to get through the hurdles of parenting.

Mother Nature speaks to Mother Tree

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