Our Prized Collections..

Do you remember growing up collecting certain items? Or are you still an avid collector of things? The list of collections are enormous, however some of the more popular ones in my era were soaps, dolls, stamps, and  hockey cards.


Have you found yourself drawn to certain items to which you wanted to collect a lot of ?  I remember when  those little spoons were popular and hung on every kitchen wall!

I believe the collections we own act like a piece of clothing we wear to show the colors of our personality.  After much pondering, I resolved collections as being an active ingredient of our spirit speaking to us.

I enjoy the history and candid conversations around the vast array of collectibles I’m privy to see.

My neighbor collects vintage toys, signs, and cars.  His personality is very colorful and he keeps his belongings in tip-top shape.  I believe his collections show case a life of simplicity and refinement. 

How about the ageless marble collection? Who didn’t have one of those?  Marbles were so much fun and it’s nice to see that they are still in stores!  The beauty, and the crock. This collection speaks to those who enjoy the simpler things in life. A strong creative energy most likely belonged to those who had a marble collection.


I know of a woman who collects cool looking rocks from all her travels abroad and places them in her garden. It’s a spectacular sight! 

Collections are such a personal journey and it’s wonderful that we can teach and share with young and old alike the beauty behind the collecting mind. A mind that is playful and childlike is a mind of a collector. 

How do your collections speak through you?


Our Prized Collections

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