As a young child do you remember how everything you seen with your naked eye was whatever you believed?  Like wanting to eat the clouds because they looked so yummy? Perhaps wishing you could crawl into the television set to play with the cartoon characters? In all honesty, a child’s carefree innocent mind is so inviting and pure. In fact her imagination is so contagious even the most crotchety person would be drawn towards her.  It would almost seem that the mind of an angel existed within the child and everything she saw was beautiful and time did not exist.

At the playground the child would swing as high as she could to see if her toes could touch the stars. Each day she would awake with a smile and a spring in her step, greeting the birds, and the caterpillars. Her eyes bright with promise and laughter. Do you remember those moments of pure bliss?

However, as time passes by and she grows to be a little older she becomes acquainted with yet another angel dressed in similar clothing.  The youth now has two angels sitting on her shoulders. The second angel shows the child that having more of everything will complete her world. To compete and win, to conform and judge. Not yet understanding why, the child may awake to her day with anxiety, confusion, and depression.

This is the tipping point in life where a child needs to navigate her life by listening.  That being the case, which angel will she listen to ?  As a parent, it’s wise to let the child know early on that they were born in perfect form in a  perfect world.

 The creation and intricate detail of the human body along with the perfect timing of a daffodil emerging in the spring is proof enough that the Universe is in perfect harmony. Given these points, also remind her that the geese flying south do not compete to be the leader. That the tulips in the garden sit among each other helping each other look beautiful. The trees continuously give us oxygen and the ocean gives us plenty of fish.  It’s the circle of life and we as humans need to do our part and give back the love within ourselves that we were born with. 

Love is light yet darkness is heavy. Consequently  love will win and dissolve anything less than love. Teach your child to choose kind thoughts and want and wish good things for others. In addition, tell her to greet each day with the attitude of gratitude. However, remind her that she will still meet many who lack the luster of life. For this reason, it’s important to note the memory of the first angel.  The one who greeted her in life with curiosity and magical thoughts. The second angel will always try to compete with the first angel, but your child will now be equipped to challenge the angel who will try to induce feelings of lack, negativity, criticism and jealousy. This angel comes clothed with temptation and bears poisonous fruit.

Take solace in knowing that your child will always reflect back to you what you’ve given them. Even as adults, we need to ask ourselves, which angel am I flying with today? Hopefully, you will watch your child grow up with a golden halo and it’s only then that you will realize that you’ve earned your wings …

As a Good Angel on Earth, remember to dance under the stars, kiss the clouds, smile to the sun and make sure that anything you do, do it with LOVE….


Two Angels sitting on my shoulder

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