Do we walk around with a locked



I’m searching…

Our Heart, or rather our ” true essence” speaks to us through pure love.  We often live each day looking for that ” thing” that will make us happy.  The heart has the answer and is waiting for you to listen.  Get quiet for 5 minutes a day and only think of your well-being.  Let every thought fall away and think of only yourself and how amazing you truly are.  

I’m Angry…

Dissolve your anger with kindness towards yourself.  Every morning you wake, it’s a new day, a new opportunity to embark on your creative self. Look for anything during the day that you can smile upon. Try and practice this and you will soften your heart bringing you closer to peace within.

I’m Sad…

How many blessings do you have? Count them morning and night.  Try and visualize a happy moment or time in your life and hold on to it. Feel the heart smile within and hold on to that feeling as long as you can. Try to give thoughts of  kindness towards the object of torment and it will mirror back to you the kindness you sent out.  Always walk towards the light when the mind walks in dark places.

I’m Stuck…

Get your journal out and write about the places you want to go, things you want. Don’t hold back as this is your chance to see what direction you’re heading.  Every time your hit with inspiration, write it down and take small steps towards your wish list. 

I’m Jealous…

Your heart aches with jealousy. You know you have been triggered with a low vibration emotion.  Release the tension by knowing you are in the perfect place and time for your own being. The envious feeling will soften and pass away.




How is your heart locked and what’s your key to opening it up?


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