Mothers Day is just around the corner and as I sit and contemplate about what it means to be a Mother, thoughts of safe guarding your children and protection come to mind. Just as a Mother Bear protects her cubs, we as Mothers also wear a shield of protection over our children. Once motherhood becomes you, instincts and nurturing take center stage.  We hear all the comments like; Don’t get Momma Bear upset! or  Whoa, Grizzly  Bear Mom!

After 19 years of parenting, I’ve learned that all Mothers protect their children at different levels. I have seen the laid back , go with the flow kinda Mom to the committed and resolute kind of Mom. So, what kind of Momma Bear are you?


  • The Black Bear Momma – The Black Momma Bear lets her child take risks,and lets them fight their own battles. Although she’s there to put a band-aid on , she gives them ample room to figure out how fast that slide at the playground  really is!
  • The Brown Bear Momma This Momma Bear follows her child with a peripheral eye. She caresses her children with love and stability. Playfulness and firmness hand in hand. She leads by example and she prefers to catch her children at the end of the slide at the playground!
  • The Grizzly Bear MommaThe Grizzly Bear Momma stands guard at every turn. She scans the situation before the child takes part in any event. One hundred percent of her efforts go into defending her children. She prefers to go down the slide with her children!

Perhaps you can see yourself as one of these Bears or a little of each, but in the end, there is no doubt that the Momma Bear in you is something to celebrate.  This world is a better place because of all the Mothers who bring warmth, love and security into their home. Mothers Day is a time for reflection of the earlier 365 days of the year to share memories and laughter. 

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What kind of Momma Bear are you?

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